29 Jul 2016

A Miracle Facial Does Exist: Introducing Elemis BIOTEC Facial

You’ve probably heard the rumors about the magical Elemis BIOTEC facial. Set your skepticism aside — this state-of-the-art, results-driven line of facials delivers the best results in the business.

As one of the world’s leading professional skincare brands, Elemis is constantly pushing the industry forward with results-driven products. The clinically proven Elemis BIOTEC facial series is a fantastic example: Each facial in the series is specifically designed to address various skin issues from resurfacing to lifting, acne, dull skin and pigmentation problems.

Combining high-performing botanical serums and innovative technology, the Elemis BIOTEC facials are truly transformative. The advanced bio-electric technology uses five tools —ultrasonic peel, microcurrent lift, galvanic rejuvenate, oxygen infusion and LED light therapy — to retrain facial muscles, improve skin elasticity and smooth wrinkles. Each facial is slightly different, depending on your personal skin concerns.

After an initial consultation at Nude Beautique, my facialist Caroline prescribed the BIOTEC Radiance Renew facial to combat tired, dull and dry skin. One of seven types of BIOTEC facials, the relaxing 75-minute-long treatment started with an aromatic pro-collagen cleansing balm packed full of 9 different types of essential oils.

Next up, Caroline exfoliated my skin using an ultrasonic frequency wand to get rid of dead skin cells, even out pigmentation and smooth fine lines. With a name like “ultrasonic frequency,” you might assume this part was painful, but it just felt like a slight tickle. Caroline then extracted my clogged pores — always a problem with Hong Kong’s humidity and pollution. Normally extraction is my least favorite part of a facial, but Caroline managed to unclog my pores without leaving my face all red and blotchy.

After cleansing again, she applied a mask that’s is rich in magnesium, zinc, vitamin A and E which help restore lost moisture, deeply nourish, detox and energise nutrients. It slowly hardened over the next 10 minutes. In the meantime, Caroline massaged my shoulders, arms and neck with enough tension to iron out my knots without ruining the relaxation. Then came another mask, this time smelling of elderberry and orange flower.

On top of the cooling hydra gel mask, she used the BIOTEC galvanic micro-current tools to apply negative ions to my skin to extract dirt and toxins. After the negative ions pulled out the gunk, she switched to positive ions to inject skin-renewing goodness into my pores. I was expecting something painful, but I actually didn’t feel anything other than the metal tool gliding across my skin.

The process only took a few minutes, and before wiping off the mask, Caroline applied a ‘prayer’ movement to massage the remaining product to the skin and focus on upwards lifting movement to the face following with a refreshing toner and a dab of eye cream. The treatment finished with a light face massage to work in Elemis’s Pro-Collagen Marine Cream — the cream draws a cult following for its dramatic performance, driven by a unique Mediterranean algae called Padina Pavonica.

So did the BIOTEC facial work? In all honestly, it was the most transformative facial I’ve ever had. My skin looked and felt amazing after the treatment, and the radiant glow lasted for days —even without makeup on. It even made my dark circles disappear, which is a miracle in itself!

 To know more about Nude's Elemis Biotec Facials, click here.

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