20 Feb 2014

Where Is The Best Laser Hair Removal In Hong Kong?

Laser hair removal(LHR) is extremely popular in Hong Kong, with a multitude of various beauty salons and physician offices offering the service. Choosing the right laser hair removal provider can be a daunting task given the numerous options available. This blog hopes to shed some light on how you should go about choosing your laser hair removal service.

The first question to ask is what machine they use. All LHR machines are definitely not created equal and different types of machines are better for treating different skin/hair types. Here are some things to look out for:

Other than the technology used, experience of the therapist conducting the LHR treatment is the other critical factor to a good treatment. Here are some considerations.

Finally there is question of how much should you pay for a permanent hair removal treatment. There is a wide spectrum of prices in Hong Kong for permanent LHR service. The cheapest treatments are called intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments. However beware that IPL is not the same as laser hair removal and typically has an effectiveness level far below that of laser treatments (not entirely permanent). LIP are usually price cheaper but it'll usually take a longer time to get the results needed. Some laser hair removal services are also offered at very cheap prices, however keep in mind that the best machines and technicians are not cheap – so you will typically get what you pay for. On the other end, the large permanent hair removal chains or dermatologist offices will typically charge a huge premium without delivering exceptional service. Nude has been a leader in providing LHR services since 2007. We carry the global leading Syneron and Lumenis technologies, with some of the best technicians in Hong Kong.

Learn more about our Laser Hair Removal Treatment here.

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