Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian wax HK $270 1st time special

Nude Beautique offers a slew of pampering services, but Brazilian Waxing in Hong Kong is our famous specialty. Not only were we the very first salon in Hong Kong to focus on Brazilian waxing, but our qualified therapists bring decades of experience to provide the most professional and painless wax experience in HK.

From head to toe, Nude Beautique is a one-stop shop for all of your hair removing needs with high-quality waxes, state-of-the-art technology, superlative hygiene and friendly staff.

The attention and service doesn’t stop there — our therapists will equip you with premium products and at-home care routines to make your sexy, smooth skin last as long as possible.

These days its not just women waxing, we also cater for Male Brazilian Waxing too!!

So book now and enjoy the least painless Brazilian Wax in Hong Kong, now available at LKF, TST and CWB. 


Bikini Wax   $240
G-String Wax   $310
Brazilian Wax   $450
Hollywood (All-Off)   $420

Trim Only   $150
Add Shape   +$140
Add Body Sticker   +$80-120
Add Body Tattoo   +$25-50


Waxing is a no-brainer and there are multiple benefits:

Time Saving: Instead of shaving every two days, you can save loads of time and energy by waxing once a month. 

Smoother Skin: Waxing not only removes hair from the root but it also exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving you ultra-smooth skin for weeks at a time.  

Long-term Results: The more you wax, the more it pays off. Over time, your hair will become thinner and sparser.

Improved Hygiene: In hot and humid Hong Kong, waxing will keep you feeling clean and fresh all year round.

Freedom & Confidence: Once you have silky smooth skin, you’ll have a newfound confidence to show it off — in swimwear, lingerie, and in between the sheets.

Heightened Sensation: When you wax, both you and your partner will feel a heightened sensation during intimate moments.


Specialty Wax: Strong yet Gentle on the Skin
To ensure a painless and irritation-free experience, it’s crucial to use a high-quality wax. That’s why Nude Beautique has its very own premium formula that removes stubborn hairs as efficiently and painlessly as possible. With its pleasant strawberry scent the unique wax contains titanium dioxide to decrease skin redness post-wax, which can be an issue for those with more sensitive skin. Nude only uses hard wax for its Brazilians, as opposed to strip waxing, because it’s gentle on skin, easier to remove, more efficient and a lot less painful.

Our Service - Effective, Comfortable and Quick
Expert waxing techniques and excellent customer service set Nude apart, making it the most painless and professional waxing experience in Hong Kong.

Technique is the key to a great wax, and our therapists have completed intense training to perfect their waxing skills to international standards and ensure exceptional treatments every time.


While waxing can remove larger areas of hair at a time, it is a temporary hair removal treatment and hair will typically grow back sometime between two and eight weeks. With consistent waxing treatment, hair regrowth will slow, soften and become less plentiful over time.

Meanwhile, laser hair removal (LHR) offer a longer lasting hair removal solutions on targeted areas. LHR uses a certain wavelength of light to remove hair — it’s so effective that the average client will see between 75% and 100% hair reduction after just 5 LHR sessions, according to a study done by Syneron Medical, a leading aesthetic medical developer.

At Nude, we believe in offering only the most cutting-edge and effective treatments to our clients, which is why we use the most advanced LHR equipment on the market, including the Candela GentleLase, Syneron e-Max ELOSTM and Lumenis Lightsheer. If you’d like to learn more, the experts at Nude Beautique are pleased to offer a complimentary consultation to discuss whether waxing or LHR is best for you.


Nude’s specialty, Brazilian waxing is embraced by modern women the world over thanks to its efficient nature and sexy result. Set aside 15-30 minutes every month for this hot wax treatment, and you’ll see lasting results.

Hollywood: Ready to bare it all? The Hollywood removes every hair down there

Brazilian: All off, except a saucy strip of hair in the shape of your choice

G-String: Takes off a tad more than a Bikini wax

Bikini: Cleans up the area beyond your underwear line

Trim Only: A clipper trims the entire area to keep things short and sweet


Does Brazilian waxing hurt?

Pain thresholds vary from person to person due to several factors, including genetics, hair thickness, hair quantity, frequency of visits, personal pain tolerance, and your therapist’s technique. Nude Beautique has made every effort to make its waxes as pain-free as possible by employing skilled therapists and using a strong, high-quality wax.

If you have sensitive skin, are menstruating, pregnant or have a low pain tolerance, then you might find waxing to be uncomfortable on the first go. As long as you have regular Brazilian treatments, the experience will get better with time as hair regrowth slows and hairs become softer and finer.

The most important thing, though, is to use premium wax and a trained therapist who knows what they’re doing. Nude has these bases covered to ensure the most painless service possible.

Why can’t I come back for my next appointment within 2 weeks?

A few reasons: firstly, the hair will not be long enough for the wax to adhere after just two weeks. Secondly, hair grows at different rates so it’s best to wait 3-4 weeks to ensure there’s enough hair regrowth for the wax to be effective. If you want to be completely hairless all the time, we highly recommend Laser Permanent Hair Removal. Click here to learn more about our premium PHR systems and services.

How does Brazilian waxing work?

It’s pretty simple actually — the therapist applies hot wax to the area being treated, and as it dries, the wax binds with the hair. Once the wax sets, the therapist swiftly removes the wax along with the hair. This part is crucial, because bad technique can lead to skin damage, ineffective removal, pain and irritation. Nude Beautique only employs trained and skilled beauticians with ample experience.

How long does a Brazilian Wax last?

It depends on how great the wax was. A poorly performed Bikini or Brazilian wax will start to grow back in days if hair was not pulled properly from the root. But at Nude, you should be hairless for up to two weeks.

How long should my hair be?

As long as you can pinch your hair with your fingers, it should be long enough to wax. Usually we’d recommend around ¼ to ½ inch of hair growth before booking another wax.

How often do I need to come in for a Brazilian or Bikini Wax?

The average timeline falls between 3 to 7 weeks, depending on the frequency of your visits, your hair re-growth rate, and the season (since hair tends to grow faster in hot weather). Typically, most women require a monthly visit.

Will waxing loosen my skin there?

No, skin sagging is caused by several factors — weak or damaged muscles under the skin, a loss of fat and collagen due to age and diet — but waxing is not one of them. The skin down there is naturally looser than other parts of your body, so it’s important that the therapist stretch your skin correctly before waxing, otherwise it could be extremely painful.

How old do I have to be to get a wax?

If you feel you are prepared for a wax, then we are happy to provide our expert services. However, we typically recommend that you are at least 14 years old before coming in for any waxing or hair-removal services without a parent or guardian.

What should I know about post-wax procedures?

Typically, you should wait to shower for a few hours and avoid exercise for 24 hours. Do not tan within 48 hours, before or after waxing, as tanning makes you more sensitive to pain and susceptible to sunburn.

Depending on your skin type, there is a chance that a wax may cause ingrown hairs and the first thing you need to do is exfoliate. Wait about 2-3 days after your wax, and then gently exfoliate every other day when it starts to grow out. If ingrown hairs are a problem for you, let us know — our therapists can recommend at-home remedies or products for treatment and prevention.  Click here to read our blog on ingrown hairs for more information.

Can I still have sex on the same day?

Getting intimate is not a problem, however if you do have sensitive skin we’d recommend skipping sex for a day or two after waxing. This is because your skin might be extra sensitive and friction could aggravate the area.

What should I expect at my first waxing treatment?

OK, so, first things first, don’t be shy! If you’re going in for a Brazilian or Hollywood wax, then of course the therapist will be working on your private parts. When you enter the treatment room, the therapist will ask you to disrobe and hop on the treatment table. After she leaves the room you’ll take off your underwear, lie down, and cover up with a towel (if you like!). Our therapists are extremely professional and will make you feel completely at ease.

If you’re getting a Bikini wax, you will be given a disposable thong. In all treatments, the therapist applies wax one section at a time, and removes the pieces in a quick and skilled method. This process continues until the requested amount of hair is removed. For the Brazilian and Hollywood wax, the hair around your backside will also be removed. If you have skin rashes, open wounds or sunburn — avoid waxing until your skin heals.

In any case, please inform the therapist if it is your first time so she can explain all the steps and put you at ease. Many women like to book an appointment with a friend for the first time, which can help to calm your nerves!

Can I go swimming after a wax?

We’d advise against swimming — especially in ocean water — for a couple of days, because your pores are still open and the sensitive skin is easily irritated. It’s also best to avoid wearing tight clothes for at least 24 hours as the friction can also irritate your skin.

Can I still wax even if I am pregnant?

Yep, pregnancy is not a problem even until your due date, however you might be a little more sensitive to pain than usual.

Is there any time I shouldn’t wax?

You should avoid booking a Brazilian wax during your period, although a bikini wax is perfectly fine at that time of the month. It’s important to ask your doctor before waxing if you are using any prescription strength acne medication, because these products peel and thin the skin, making it highly sensitive and easier to break. You should also avoid waxing if you have sunburn, laser burn, open wounds, severe breakouts or you are diabetic. Additionally, you shouldn’t have a Brazilian wax if you have an STD, UTI or an abnormal discharge.

How can you tell a good wax from a bad one?

It will be pretty obvious! The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s painful during and after the treatment. A bad wax will hurt, require several attempts to remove the wax strips, and may even draw blood.

An untrained therapist may lack the experience and knowledge to remove hair properly, causing it to take a lot longer than it should. After the treatment, you might notice that there are several half-waxed hairs left behind, indicating that the therapist did not practice an effective technique and/or used a low-quality wax.

In the worst case, you could end up with infections. Some budget salons do not adhere to high hygiene standards and tend to cut corners by double-dipping into the wax or using tools that haven’t been sanitized properly.

Meanwhile, a seasoned therapist will be able to remove each waxed area with one quick and efficient movement, minimizing pain. The type of wax is important too, as a cheap wax will not adhere to the hair and may require multiple attempts.

If the wax doesn’t bind with the hair properly, it will often break the hair shaft rather than pulling hairs from the root. This will cause premature regrowth and a higher possibility of ingrown hairs. A high-quality wax, on the other hand, will grab hairs securely on the first try and ensure a less painful removal experience and longer-lasting results.