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Nude Beautique is home to the best facials in Hong Kong, featuring a range of expert treatments and exclusive product lines for both men and women. The beauty center is a haven for skin-boosting facials with a long list of transformative treatments — think Elemis BIOTEC facials, anti-aging facials, men’s facials, intense hydration facials, and potent anti-wrinkle treatments.

Living in Hong Kong, our skin is constantly battling common urban issues like pollution, air-conditioning, harsh weather — not to mention stress. Regular treatments offer an antidote to environmental factors, as well as signs of aging. Nude offers a versatile range of treatments that cater to every skin type, from dry to combination, sensitive to oily. Taking a results-driven approach, Nude Beautique’s facials help to alleviate common skin issues, including acne, anti-aging, lifting, and resurfacing.

Offering facials in Central and Causeway Bay, Nude is devoted to bringing the very best brands to the city. Nude hand-picks the world’s most respected product ranges, including Resultime by Collin Paris and the highly-sought after, innovative Elemis facial treatments range.

Whether you’re booking in for a monthly maintenance facial or you need a more serious skin overhaul, Nude Beautique’s highly trained facialist will help to transform your skin.

Why Facial Services At Nude?

Our Premium Products and Technology:

We offer the most professional and effective treatments in Hong Kong, not to mention the very best products. We are among the only salons to work with Elemis in Hong Kong, a sought-after brand that’s recognized all over the world as a leader in facial technology. The go-to product line for celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Elemis products are completely paraben-free and highly effective.

To further enhance its products, Nude employs state-of-the-art technology, such as a bio-electric technology machine — used during any of its  revolutionary Elemis BIOTEC facials. In addition to Elemis, Nude also carries Resultime by Collin Paris, an award-winning product range that has been proven time and time again to provide effective results.

Not only does Nude work with the world’s best products and technologies, but it also promises a team of highly skilled facialists to deliver the most comfortable, effective and professional facials in Hong Kong to both men and women. From the quiet and serene rooms to the top-notch products, Nude’s facial treatments go above and beyond to personalize the experience and deliver maximum results. Nude’s facialists will tailor-make a treatment for your skin, as well as recommend the best products to ensure the results last as long as possible with proper at-home care.

Elemis Biotec Facials

What is Elemis BIOTEC?

Elemis BIOTEC is simply a revolutionary system: the 5-in-1 advanced bio-electric technology works with potent active ingredients to increase your skin’s natural cellular energy. The innovative and high-performing treatments uses between 2-3 of the technologies and have been clinically proven to rebalance the skin’s micro-flora, visibly lessen the appearance of wrinkles and reveal a healthier, brighter and more radiant complexion. 

From acne treatments to lifting, resurfacing to men’s facials, Elemis BIOTEC facials are the most effective in the world. Numerous clinical trials have proven that BIOTEC is the best in the business.

In the BIOTEC Skin Resurfacer facial, for example, skin smoothness can improved by 45% after just one treatment — and 100% of women said they thought acne scarring looked visibly reduced.  Likewise, the ground-breaking Firm-a-Lift facial has been clinically proven to deliver on its promise. After just one facial, 95% of women (aged 48-58) said their skin was firmer, and 91% reported seeing a dramatically lifted and more contoured complexion.

What’s the secret behind the BIOTEC technology? It’s 5 technologies in 1 machine:

  1. Ultrasonic Peel: Uses a piezoelectric current that sends 27,000 vibrations a second through a quartz/ceramic head to deep-cleanse pores, exfoliate skin, increase collagen production, minimized fine lines and accelerate the healing process.
  2. Microcurrent Lift: Physically firms skin buy sending microcurrent pulses into the muscles, similar to the natural currents in the body. This firms muscles, contours the face, aids the healing process, as well as improves blemishes, sun-damage and scarring.
  3. Galvanic Rejuvenate: A combination of negative and positive ions cleans pores and forces out impurities. At the same time, high-potency actives penetrate skin to reduce signs of aging and fine lines.
  4. Oxygen Infusion: Bursts of 95% pure oxygen help high-potency actives infuse the skin. Improves firmness, tissue repair, radiance and plumps fine lines.
  5. LED Light Therapy Rebalance: Red and blue light therapy penetrates the skin, deep into cells to rebalance skin, stimulate collagen, minimize bacteria and calm redness.

BIOTEC Elemis Facial Treatments

BIOTEC Line Eraser Facial
(75 mins)   HK$1,480
A ground-breaking treatment that fills lines and smooths wrinkles. Clinically proven to increase firmness by 95% and reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 68% after just one treatment. (Previously known as Triple-Tec Anti Wrinkle Facial)

BIOTEC Skin Resurfacer Facial
(75 mins)   HK$1,480
Evens skin tone using ultrasonic peel and light therapy to smooth skin and illuminate complexion. Clinically proven to increase smoothness by 43% after one treatment.  (Previously known as Sonic Skin Resurfacing)

BIOTEC Firm-a-Lift Facial
(75 mins)   HK$1,480
A revolutionary treatment that contours and lifts your complexion with proven results. (Previously known as Micro Firm-a-Lift Facial) 

BIOTEC Anti-Pigment Brightener Facial
(75 mins)   HK$1,480
A targeted treatment using ultrasonic peel and light therapy to even out skin tone, battle discoloration, and reduce appearance of age spots. (Previously known as Sonic White Brightening)

BIOTEC Radiance Renew Facial
(75 mins)   HK$1,480
Boosts tired, dull skin for visibly brighter results and a more youthful appearance.  (Previously known as Sonic Skin Radiance)

BIOTEC Blemish Control Facial
(75 mins)   HK$1,280
A deep cleansing, light therapy facial that soothes, decongests and re-balance oily, blemish prone skin. (Previously known as LED Blemish Control)

BIOTEC Sensitive Skin Soother Facial
(75 mins)   HK$1,280
A mix of red-light therapy and oxygen-infusion restores balance and calms sensitive skin.  (Previously known as O2 Sensitive Skin Soother)

Elemis Facials

About Elemis Philosophy

Elemis prides itself in innovative, personalize and highly effective treatments. All of the facial treatments and men’s facials are tailor-made for your skin, since the experts at Elemis know that no two people are the same. The brand pushes the industry forward with unique products, state-of-the-art technology and powerful formulas that have been proven by clinical trials to turbo-charge your skin.

Elemis Facial Treatments

Superfood Pro-Radiance Facial 
(75 mins)   HK$1,480
Anti-ageing face and eye treatment that instantly firms, rejuvenates and plumps up the skin, whilst helping to reduce dark circles. Moisturisation levels of the skin are proven to increase by up to 61% and elasticity by 40%* after just 1 treatment. Specialised micro-circulatory massage techniques are combined with powerful formulations and the two-phase Amino Active Mask to help smooth, sculpt and restore skin radiance.  (Previously known as Visible Brilliance Facial)

Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel Facial 
(75 mins)   HK$1,380
This ground breaking anti-ageing facial instantly resurfaces and smoothes the skin. Clinically proven to visibly resurface by up to 75%* and increase skin smoothness by up to 32% after just 1 treatment, this unique treatment targets blemishes, uneven skin tone, superficial facial scarring and fine lines, revealing a younger looking skin. Pioneering the precision layering of 3 targeted enzyme serums, this advanced resurfacing technique safely and effectively removes the thickening layer of the epidermis. Skin is left incredibly clean, smooth and radiant, bringing a renewed level of evenness and clarity to the complexion.  (Previously known as Tri-enzyme Resurfacing Facial)

Pro-Collagen Age Defy Facial
(75 mins)   HK$1,480
This anti-wrinkle facial is clinically proven to reduce the number of wrinkles by up to 94%* and improve skin firmness by up to 57%*, after just one treatment. The power of Padina Pavonica is accelerated by the electrical energy of precious minerals Quartz, Tourmaline, Rhodochrosite and Malachite to re-energise cell communication, whilst Laminaria Digitata and Red Coral optimises cellular respiration and regeneration for a firmer,
uplifted, more youthful looking appearance.  (Previously known as Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial)

White Brightening Pigment Perfector Facial
(75 mins)   HK$1,480
This highly effective white brightening facial visibly illuminates the complexion to leave it naturally more even and translucently clear. This targeted treatment helping to reduce age spots, discoloration, dull skin tone and texture on the face, neck, decollete, arms and hands.

Skin Specific Facial
(60 mins)   HK$780
A deep cleanse to draw out skin impurities, reduces unwanted shine, refines the pores and treats skin breakouts.

Resultime Facials

Founded in 1957, this award-winning brand was launched by a doctor and a beautician who took an innovative approach to skincare. Focusing on the amazing power of collagen, Resultime by Collin Paris n was the first brand in the world to develop a 100% native collagen sheet — way back in 1980 — which is now widely used in facial treatments around the world.

With an aim to provide targeted, personal and results-driven anti-aging facials for both men and women, Collin Paris harnesses a powerful combination of collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and ceramides lipid molecules — all naturally compatible with skin.

Oxygenating Radiance Facial
(60 mins)   HK$980
Suitable for all skin types, this hydrating facial activates skin cells with Vitamin C and Collagen to even skin tone and brighten skin

Hyaluronic Hydrating Facial
(60 mins)   HK$980
An intensely moisturizing treatment that harnesses powerful hyaluronic acids, vectorised micro-collagen and calcium to hydrate and regenerate skin.

Anti-Ageing & Radiance Facial
(90 mins)   HK$1,280
A mix of 20% pure Vitamin C and 100% native collagen works wonders for the skin. Emerge with a smoother, softer and plumper complexion.  

New Skin Peel Facial
(60 mins)   HK$1,280
A 32% AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) peel that evens pigmentation, reduces wrinkles and smooth texture and reveals a “second skin.”  

Anti-Wrinkle & Firmness Cellular Facial
(90 mins)   HK$1,380
An intensive professional treatment to combat wrinkles using hyaluronic acid micro-spheres that fill wrinkles with a smoothing and plumping effect.

Lift and Resulpt Facial 
(90 mins)   HK$1,580
This treatment boosts cellular energy to life, increase facial volume and reshapes contours with dermo-aesthetics technology.

Revitalizing Back Treatment
(45 mins)   HK$650
This intensive treatment provides deep cleansing and exfoliation to revitalize, tone and balance troubled skin.


Which type of facial is best for me?

We offer women’s and men’s facials at Nude Beautique and each experience begins with a personal consultation. For optimal results, our therapists will assess your skin type, personal goals, problem area — and offer the most suitable and tailor-made facials.

Will extractions make my pores bigger?

Extractions are a great way to clean and unclog pores, and this process will improve the appearance of pores over time. After the extraction process, your therapist will apply a toner and a soothing mask to tighten up pores. If you don’t have extractions, dirt in your pores will result in blackheads and oil will turn into white heads. In worst-case scenarios, your pores can end up inflamed, which will lead to more pimples. But this can be prevented by having regular extractions, which will reveal beautiful, smooth skin.

How do I get rid of a dull complexion?

Dull or tired-looking skin can be caused by a number of factors, including stress, low-immunity, dead skin cells, genetics, and more. You can solve several of these issues — like dead skin cells — with deep exfoliation during a facial. At Nude, our therapists are experienced in effective brightening facials, such as the Elemis BIOTEC facial.

How do I maintain the results after the facial?

There are plenty of things you can’t control about skin health, since a lot of skin issues comes down to genetics and hormones. But there’s also a lot you can control. Your skin health is directly connected to your diet, exercise, environment and adequate sleep. If one element is out of whack, it can wreak havoc on your skin. Too much stress, too few nutrients, too much sun, too much alcohol — a facial will go a lot farther if you take care of your skin at home too.

In terms of products, our facialist will assess your current beauty regime and see if there are any problem products that could be causing skin issues. Our highly trained facialists will recommend for at-home care as well, to ensure you get the most out of your treatments.

Can I book a face wax appointment at the same time as a facial?

Yes, you can. The waxing should be done first, followed by the facial. The facial will actually help to soothe and close pores.

Can I wear makeup straight after a facial?

Wearing eye and lip makeup immediately following a facial is fine, however we would advise against applying foundation or blush to ensure maximum results that last.

How often should I have facial treatments?

Just as you’d regularly take care of your hair, teeth and nails, your skin also needs lots of love. It depends how serious your skin problems are, but usually we recommend a personalized regime to achieve your goals. You may come in twice a month at first to re-balance your skin — after that, it’s typical for both men and women to come in for monthly maintenance facial treatments.

What are the steps in a facial?

Basically, all facials follow a similar procedure: cleanse, exfoliation, extraction, mask. We do offer several other add-ons — including machines and massages — but these services depends on individual skin.

What should I avoid after a facial?

It’s best to avoid activities that will increase your body temperature for at least a few days — a week to have even longer lasting results. You should also avoid sun-tanning, intense workouts, the sauna and swimming for a few days after a facial.

Can facials erase wrinkles?

We have several highly effective treatments that will combat the aging process and visibly reduce signs of aging, including wrinkles. Regular facials combined with at-home maintenance can drastically improve your skin quality, for a more youthful, radiant and hydrated appearance.

Who should NOT get a facial?

You should ask your doctor before getting a facial if you use acne medicine, because it causes skin to be extra sensitive. You should also avoid facials if you have open wounds, sunburn, or severe eczema or psoriasis.

How long does it take?

We have facials for all goals and schedules, starting at 60 minutes to 90 minutes. The more intensive treatments tend to last at least an hour, which will double as a relaxing escape from your hectic schedule. It’s about healthy skin first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it!

Can facials remove my eye bags and dark circles?

They can certainly help! Facials can help hydrate your skin, improve circulation, and aid lymphatic drainage around the eye area. This process can minimize the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to completely remove eye bags with facials alone.

Can men get facials?

Yes, of course. We see lots of men coming in for facials, as they also worry about aging, dehydration and blemishes too. In addition to simply improving skin’s look and feel, men’s facials can also help minimize redness, avoid ingrown hairs and soothe razor burn.