Female Waxing

Female brazilizan waxing 50% off 1st time special

As Hong Kong’s leading waxing salon, Nude Beautique offers easy, breezy hair-removal services from head to toe. Whether waxing your legs, bikini line or underarms, we promise professional services, premium products and superlative hygiene every time.

At Nude, you can expect only the best of the best, which is why we use a specially formulated wax that removes hair firmly while still feeling gentle on the skin.    

We were the first Hong Kong salon to focus on Brazilian waxing, and our skilled therapists have extensive experience to ensure the smoothest experience from start to finish.

Price List

Full Face   $370
Full Face w/ Eyebrow Shaping   $440
Eyebrows   $180
Upper Lip   $130
Chin   $110
Jawline   $160
Forehead / Cheeks   $160
Nose / Ears   $90

Under Arm   $180
Full Legs   $480
Lower Legs   $280
Upper Legs   $340
Full Arms   $310
Half Arms   $220
Back & Shoulders   $360
Shoulders   $280
Lower Back   $220
Back of Neck   $150
Chest & Stomach   $360
Chest Only   $280
Nipple   $80
Stomach   $210
Lower Stomach   $200
Navel   $80
Buttocks   $260
Half Buttocks   $160
Hands / Feet   $120
Fingers / Toes   $100


Waxing is the easiest method to remove unwanted hair and reveal silky smooth skin. It’s a fast and efficient treatment that not only leaves skin smooth today, but will pay off in the long-term too, since hair grows back thinner and slower the more you wax.

The benefits of waxing are three-fold:

Time Saving: Instead of shaving every two days, you can save loads of time and energy by waxing once a month.

Smoother Skin: Whereas shaving leaves stubble, waxing exfoliates dead skin and removes hair from the root, leaving skin ultra-smooth for weeks at a time.

Long-term Results: The more you wax, the more it pays off. Over time, your hair will become thinner and sparser.


Nude offers a full range of body waxing services to help you remove unwanted hair from just about anywhere. A few of the most popular services include:

Leg waxing: Full legs, lower legs, thighs and feet. Never shy away from a skirt again!

Underarm waxing: Feels cleaner and saves lots of time and energy.

Facial waxing: Ideal for grooming your brows, cleaning up that upper lip, and unveiling a fuzz-free chin and the cheeks.

Brazilian waxing: Click here to find out more about our superior Brazilian wax


For most large body waxing treatments — think legs and arms— strip waxing is used to adhere wax to the hair.

Your therapist will apply a thin layer of wax to the area, followed by a strip of paper that’s pressed to the skin. The wax adhered to the hair, before the strip is quickly removed, leaving the skin smooth and hairless.

For more sensitive areas, such as your bikini area or underarms, your therapist will apply a thicker wax that adheres to hair without any paper. Once the wax cools and hardens, it’s pulled from the skin along with the hair.

To ensure maximum comfort, minimal skin irritation and overall safety, it’s crucial to have a well-trained professional. Nude handpicks its therapists to provide the most professional, hygienic and highly personalized experience in Hong Kong.


Being the top waxing salon in Hong Kong, Nude has gone above and beyond to find its premium waxes.

Nude’s wax contains a special active ingredient of titanium dioxide, which decreases redness for those with sensitive skin. A high-quality wax is of utmost importance in order to remove stubborn hairs while being gentle on the skin.

Technique is just as vital to an excellent wax treatment. At Nude, the therapists have been trained extensively and know how to remove hair effectively, efficiently, and as painlessly as possible.

Nude’s services don’t stop there. The therapists will arm you with a stable of useful post-treatment products and at-home care tips to ensure your silky smooth skin lasts as long as possible.

Though Nude’s specialty is waxing, the experienced professionals can take care of any unwanted hair on your body. Depending on the areas of focus, waxing treatments typically take anywhere from 5-45 minutes.


While waxing can remove larger areas of hair at a time, it is a temporary hair removal treatment and hair will typically grow back sometime between two and eight weeks. With consistent waxing treatment, hair regrowth will slow, soften and become less plentiful over time.

Meanwhile, laser hair removal (LHR) offer a longer lasting hair removal solutions on targeted areas. LHR uses a certain wavelength of light to remove hair — it’s so effective that the average client will see between 75% and 100% hair reduction after just 5 LHR sessions, according to a study done by Syneron Medical, a leading aesthetic medical developer.

At Nude, we believe in offering only the most cutting-edge and effective treatments to our clients, which is why we use the most advanced LHR equipment on the market, including the Candela GentleLase, Syneron e-Max ELOSTM and Lumenis Lightsheer. If you’d like to learn more, the experts at Nude Beautique are pleased to offer a complimentary consultation to discuss whether waxing or LHR is best for you.


How long should my hair be?

There’s a general misconception that hair must be an inch long prior to waxing.  Actually, a 1/4-inch of hair can be easily waxed, so it’s best not to shave for about two to three weeks before coming in. If the hair is long enough to pinch with your finger, then you’re good to go.

Why can’t I come back for my next appointment within 2 weeks?

A few reasons: firstly, the hair will not be long enough for the wax to adhere after just two weeks. Secondly, hair grows at different rates so it’s best to wait three-four weeks to ensure there’s enough hair regrowth for the wax to be effective. If you want to be completely hairless all the time, we highly recommend Laser Permanent Hair Removal. Click here to learn more about our premium PHR systems and services.

How often should I come in for appointments?

Women with slower hair regrowth may only have to come in every three to seven weeks, but most women book monthly visits.

Does waxing hurt?

Most women don’t find body waxing painful, however it can vary from person to person, based on genetics, pain tolerance, hair texture and thickness, and the area being treated. Nude Beautique has made every effort to make its waxes as pain-free as possible by employing skilled therapists and using our very own formulated strong yet gentle, high-quality wax.

If you have sensitive skin, are menstruating, pregnant or have a low pain tolerance, then you
might find waxing — particularly bikini or Brazilian waxing — to be uncomfortable on the first go. The experience tends to get better with time, as hair regrowth slows and hairs become softer and finer.

The most important thing, though, is to visit a trained therapist who knows what they’re doing and who uses a premium wax. Nude has these bases covered to ensure the most painless service possible.