HIFU Facelift

Hifu Facelift technology

At some point in life, everyone begins to wage their own personal war against time. But you don’t have to fight
saggy, tired, and loose skin alone: Nude Beautique, Hong Kong’s leading beauty centre, is here to help with one of
the most innovative treatments on the market. Beloved by celebrities around the world, HIFU is a nonsurgical
face-lifting and contouring therapy that will whip your skin into shape without any downtime, needles or fillers.
Meaning High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, KFDA-approved HIFU therapy aims to iron out facial
wrinkles, create a V-shaped jawline, and treat saggy skin — it’s a revolutionary and versatile treatment that provides immediate and long-lasting results.

Akin to a nonsurgical face lift, HIFU tightens skin, reduces pore size, smooths wrinkles, lifts sagging skin,
and sculpts jawlines to create a flattering V-Shape face. It’s one of the most powerful treatments on the
market — and it doesn’t require any downtime. With each treatment lasting between 20 to 30 minutes,
you can pop into Nude Beautique at lunchtime and be back to work without missing a beat.
How does it work? HIFU harnesses the trusted power of sound waves. Used in the medical community
for more than 50 years, ultrasound can precisely target three key layers of skin: The Epidermis (1.5mm),
Dermis (3mm) and Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System (4.5mm). As the deepest layer of skin,
SMAS is the most crucial. This is where collagen production — and tissue degradation — occurs.
By zapping collagen full of heat and energy, HIFU spurs and renews cell production. Results are
immediately evident after the very first treatment and will continue to improve for the next 2 to 3
months. Your skin will look tighter, smoother, brighter and lifted — all the benefits of a facelift without
any downtime or damage to your skin. For the lasting results, which can last up to 2 years,* Nude

Beautique suggests 4 consecutive treatments in 1-month intervals.

Furthering our commitment to quality and safety, Nude Beautique works with the best in the business:
Cluederm’s Ulfit machine, from South Korea, produces ultra-effective results thanks to its cutting-edge
design. Significantly more comfortable than other machines on the market, the Ulfit includes specially

designed hand-held apparatus, a smart monitor, and a pain minimizer.

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*Individual results may vary


Effective on all skin types, HIFU is the most advanced nonsurgical facelift on the market. With the power of ultrasound technology, your skin will look tighter, smoother, lifted and younger after just one treatment.

The list of benefits include:

Collagen Boost: Thanks to ultrasound technology, HIFU targets the deepest layer of skin to boost collagen production, resulting in tighter, smoother, lifted and more radiant skin.

Skin Lift: HIFU noticeably improves skin’s architecture for a tighter, V-shaped jawline and chiseled cheekbones. As an added bonus, it also shrinks pores and improves skin texture.

Wrinkle Reduction: By boosting collagen, HIFU provides better stability for skin. This in turn smooths fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Natural Contours: HIFU won’t just tighten up your jawline, it will also sculpt your face with natural-looking results.

Instant Results: After the very first HIFU treatment, you’ll notice visible improvements. Better yet, results will continue to improve with time, because collagen reproduces for months following each treatment.

Safe & Effective: By using ultrasound technology that’s been trusted by the medical community for more than 50 years, HIFU is safe and effective.

No Down Time: HIFU is the most effective nonsurgical facelift out there. There are no needles, surgery, or fillers... just long-lasting results.

Why choose our HIFU Facelift treatment?

If you’re choosing between surgery, needles and HIFU: The choice is pretty obvious. Cosmetic surgery might be permanent, but you’re facing an extended recovery time and an expensive doctor’s bill. Then there’s filler injection, which has no down time, but the results only lasts a few months at a time and the procedure can have untoward side effects. With HIFU, you’re getting the a completely natural facelift without any of the downtime — or downsides. It’s fast, safe and effective, instantly revealing tighter, brighter and more youthful-looking skin.

Nude's Leading Technology

Nude wants the best for you, so we only work with the best in the business. Our beauty centres are equipped with medical-grade Cluederm Ulfit machines from South Korea. A leading machine on the market, Ulfit provides a smart monitor, pain control, and ergonomic hand-held devices.

Most importantly, all of our experienced therapists are professionally trained to ensure the best results.


As you age, skin begins to sag and fine lines appear. But what’s happening under the surface? Every year, adults producer less elastin fibers and dermal collagen. Collagen is like the skin’s scaffolding, and over time, collagen loss causes wrinkles and skin laxity. That’s where HIFU comes in.

HIFU harnesses ultrasound technology to emit energy at highly precise depths for strategic results. Our skilled therapists will target three key skin depths: 1.5mm, 3mm and 4.5mm. Each depth is crucial: At 1.5mm, HIFU will smooth wrinkles and contour skin; at 3mm, HIFU will boost collagen, improve skin texture and minimize surface imperfections; and at 4.5mm, HIFU lifts skin and creates a V-shape effect.

Unlike IPL, lasers and RF (radio frequency) treatments, which can only target shallow surface levels, HIFU penetrates the SMAS layer, about 4.5 mm below the surface, where collagen production takes place. By heating up collagen to about 65-75 degrees Celsius, thermal coagulation spurs a process called neocollagenesis (simply meaning new collagen).

After just one treatment, clients will notice tighter pores, a more contoured jawline and a reduction in wrinkles around the cheeks, eyes, jaw, mouth, and neck. Better yet, customers can expect continued improvements over the next two to three months as collagen reproduces.


What areas can HIFU treat?

HIFU is a non-invasive skin-firming and tightening treatment with myriad applications. HIFU is extremely effective in targeting the jowls, jawline, under eyes, cheeks, forehead, eyebrows and neck. It not only tightens and lifts, but also provide a smoother texture and smaller pores.

How long is a HIFU session?

HIFU is extremely efficient, so you can be in and out over your lunch break. A total face and neck treatment takes about 30-45 minutes, depending on the client.

How does Ulfit differ from other HIFU machines?

Ulfit provides a 2-in- 1 face-lifting system that’s faster, more targeted, safer and significantly more comfortable than other machines on the market. Fast and effective, Ulfit’s face adapters sends powerful ultrasound shots quicker, resulting in less pain and better results.

What can I expect during my first session?

During your first HIFU treatment, you might experience slight discomfort as the therapist uses the hand-held Ulfit device to massage your skin and inject sound waves deep into your foundational SMAS layer.

Almost like an electric current, HIFU feels like a warm pulsing sensation along the cheeks, jawline and neck. There might be some sensitivity near your mouth and neck, where nerve endings are located or where it's closer to the bone.

Does HIFU hurt?

Every person is different but, for most people, our Ulfit HIFU is not very painful — more of a mild discomfort. If you have a low pain tolerance, the feeling can be more intense. Those with metal fillings or braces on their teeth, might feel a slight sting around the mouth. Following treatment, it is normal to feel sore or slightly achy, especially in bony areas.

What are the main benefits from HIFU?

HIFU is the world’s most advanced nonsurgical skin treatment for lifting and improving skin. Its benefits are endless, starting with the obvious: it’s non-invasive, safe, and requires no downtime. Unlike other approaches, such as cosmetic surgery or laser treatments, HIFU does not damage the skin’s surface, because the ultrasound emits highly precise bursts of energy at targeted depths, from 1.5 to 4.5mm.

HIFU is also highly versatile: You can treat any area of the face that’s saggy, flabby or tired. Because the treatment relies on your natural regenerative response to produce collagen, HIFU provides a gradual and totally natural improvement over several months. The transformative therapy will lift the eyebrows, chin, neck — plus smooth out wrinkles and tighten your décolletage.

How many treatments do I need?

The majority of our clients will need just 4 sessions — one per month for four months. After 4 treatments, your skin will show lasting results for up to 2 years*. Others may need 1-2 extra sessions, depending on the face’s initial condition, its response to the treatment and the speed of the collagen production. 

What kind of results can I expect to see? and when?

After just one Ulfit treatment, you will notice immediate improvement. Saggy skin will appear lifted, firmer, more refreshed — and feel smoother too. But the results don't stop there: In the next 2 to 3 months, collagen will continue to regenerate under the surface and, in most cases, the lifting effect will reach its peak around 3 months after the treatment.

However if you want the results to last longer then it is advised to follow the prescribed treatment schedule of about 4 sessions so the results can last for up to 2 years.

Do I need to return for maintenance sessions after the full treatment?

Most HIFU treatments will see peak results after roughly 3 months, but results can last up to 2 years* with an appropriate therapy schedule. HIFU is not a permanent solution and when you feel that the results have subsided 18-24 months later then you start the HIFU treatment schedule once again. 

Unlike maintenance sessions that are usually every 6-12 months, HIFU doesn't work that way as multiple sessions are needed for long lasting results.  Once off sessions tend to only last about 2-3 months only.

The number of treatments and how long the results last will depend on your age, skin condition, biological response to the HIFU treatments, and your collagen-building speed. Our therapists will provide a personal consultation to find what works for you and your skin. In the meantime, here’s a general idea of what to expect.

Facial Recommendation:
• First 4 sessions in 1-month intervals
• Maximum 6 treatments per year
• After a year or two, if you need HIFU again then another 4-6 sessions in 1 intervals


How do I prepare for the treatment?

Other than taking off all your metal jewelry; you don’t need to do anything special before a HIFU Treatment. Our skilled therapists will provide a personal consultation and walk you through the process, technology, and post-treatment care. However, there are some precautions that every customer should be aware of.

Before your treatment:

• No fillers injected before the treatment
• If you've received other beauty treatments, please advise Nude when booking
• Alert the therapist if you have any skin conditions
• Alert the therapist to any metal fillings or braces in your mouth
• Alert the therapist if you have any medical conditions

Due to HIFU’s deep penetration of the skin, we advise customers to avoid some beauty treatments following a HIFU facial treatment. Here’s a breakdown, so you can schedule appointments safely and efficiently:

Types of Treatment Timeline
Ultrasound                 Before / After 14 days
Radio Frequency         Before / After 1 month
Peeling, Lactic Acid Injections        Before / After 1 month
Laser, IPL, Micro-needle   Before / After 1 month
Fillers injections                        Before / After 2 months

Is it safe? Are there any side effects?

HIFU is completely safe: Ultrasound has been used in medical treatments for more than 50 years. There are no serious adverse effects reported following a HIFU facelift.

After a HIFU treatment, you could experience:

• Swelling: Mild swelling is relatively common and should resolve within 1 week.
• Redness: The treated area may appear red immediately after the treatment, but any redness should disappear within a few hours.
• Tenderness: The treated area may feel extra sensitive for up to 2 weeks after a treatment.
• Bruising: Mild bruising may occur, due to damage to soft tissue blood vessels. Any bruising should disappear within 2-3 weeks.
• Lumps: Due to strong ultrasound energy output, lumps may occur. They should resolve within 2 weeks.
• Pain: Temporary discomfort may be experienced during the treatment, but should be fleeting.

Discomfort following the treatment should resolve in 2 days.

What should I know about post-HIFU procedures?

● We highly recommend you use SPF35 or higher lotions and moisturize regularly
● We recommend avoiding vigorous exercise for at least 2 days to avoid irritation
● No sun exposure or high heat treatments for 2 weeks
● It’s also best to avoid chewing gum

Am I suitable for HIFU?

HIFU is ideal for customers who are between 25 and 70 years old. As the technology is widely versatile, our skilled and experienced therapists can tailor the HIFU treatment to meet your needs.

The treatment however is not suitable for everyone. We do not recommend HIFU for patients with the following conditions: 
• Open wounds or lesions on the face
• Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
• Severe or cystic acne on the face or neck 
• Metal stents or implants in the face or neck 
• Bio-absorbable mechanical implants 
• Implantable electrical devices 
• An active systemic or local skin disease that may affect wound healing 

We also do not recommend HIFU for customers with heart disease, hypersensitiveness, hypertrophic scarring, hemostatic dysfunction, herpes simplex, autoimmune diseases and disorders, diabetes or epilepsy, or anticoagulant (blood thinners). If you have any cause for concern, please advise Nude when booking the treatment.

What precautions should I take following my HIFU treatment?

Since HIFU heats up the deepest layer of your skin and injects collagen with new energy, it’s important to avoid the sun – or any activity that could irritate skin – for at least 2 days.

• Don’t swim or visit a steam room for 24 hours after a treatment.
• Don’t sunbathe (indoors or outdoors) or overexpose your skin to the sun for at least 72 hours. This includes sun tanning and outdoor activities, such as skiing, yachting, picnics, hiking, and so on.
• We must emphasize: Avoid direct sun exposure of any kind. If you must go outside, wear a hat.
• Avoid using glycolic or deep-cleansing products.
• Apply moisturizing products and collagen skin care products to keep skin moisturized and enhance results.
• Apply sunblock of SPF35 or higher every 2 hours following the treatment. Also best to use anti-aging facial products
• Skin may appear slightly red and inflamed or feel tender following the treatment. This is normal during the collagen reproduction process. The discomfort should subside within 1 week.
• Ask your therapist before booking other beauty treatments, such as laser hair removal or waxing, as these treatments could affect your skin.

Can I wear makeup after a HIFU facelift session?

We suggest that you let your skin cool down (if it feels warm) before applying any makeup. In the meantime, we encourage you to apply SPF35+ sunblock, and reapply every 2 hours, to protect your skin.

Is it safe to combine HIFU treatments with laser hair removal or waxing?

As a precaution, we advise customers to avoid sun-bathing and any physical activities that could increase your skin’s temperature for at least 2 days — this includes laser hair removal and waxing. It’s best to wait at least 72 hours before scheduling a laser or waxing treatment.