Male Waxing

Male waxing 20% off 1st time special

One of the most respected waxing specialists in Hong Kong, Nude Beautique is proud to provide its superlative waxing treatments to both men and women. After all, waxing isn’t just for the ladies — more and more men are seeking out efficient and effective grooming routines to fit into their busy lifestyles.

From head to toe, Nude’s male waxing services result in silky smooth skin that will make you feel exceptionally sexy. The skilled therapists at Nude offer an extensive list of treatments for the entire body, from Back & Chest Wax to Leg Wax to Male Brazilian Wax.

Nude’s services don’t stop at waxing. In addition to a long list of grooming services, we also have an extensive selection of top-notch post-wax products to ensure your skin stays smooth for as long as possible. It's the only place for men's waxing in Hong Kong that is professional, efficient and discrete.

Price List

Bikini Wax   $360
G-String Wax   $430
Brazilian Wax   $590
Hollywood (All-Off)   $560
Trim Only   $210
Add Shape   +$200

Full Face   $460
Full Face w/ Eyebrow Shaping   $540
Eyebrows   $210
Upper Lip / Chin   $180
Jawline   $210
Forehead / Cheeks   $190
Nose / Ears  $110

Under Arm   $220
Full Legs   $580
Lower Legs   $360
Upper Legs   $440
Full Arms   $380
Half Arms   $280
Back & Shoulders   $500
Shoulders   $390
Lower Back   $320
Back of Neck   $190
Chest & Stomach   $500
Chest Only   $390
Nipple   $110
Stomach   $320
Lower Stomach   $280
Navel   $120
Buttocks   $380
Half Buttocks   $200
Hands / Feet   $160
Fingers / Toes   $120


There are many benefits of waxing, but here are a few highlights that might surprise you.

Smoother skin
Whereas shaving leaves stubble, waxing exfoliates dead skin and removes hair from the root, leaving skin ultra-smooth for weeks at a time.

Long-term benefits
Waxing will last for weeks on end. Plus the more you wax, your hair will become thinner, softer and more sparse.

With a quick monthly visit required, waxing saves tons of time.


Being the reputable waxing salon for Hong Kong that caters to men, Nude Beautique offers a professional and comfortable experience from start to finish. The salon specializes in hair removal and the highly skilled therapists make the experience as painless and effective as possible. All great waxes have a few things in common, namely well-trained professionals, excellent hygiene and high-quality wax. Rest assured that Nude Beautique is home to the best of the best in the business!

Expert Technique
Whether booking in for a sensitive Boyzilian wax or cleaning up your chest, you will feel at ease with the professionals at Nude Beautique. Nude’s hand-picked friendly therapists are knowledgeable in prepping the skin, waxing with minimal discomfort, and preventing skin irritatation.

Specialty Wax
Not only do our therapist at Nude utilize extra-effective waxing techniques, but they also employ an innovative wax that’s been created especially for the salon. Gentle and aromatic, the thick wax ensures a strong hold on the hair, resulting in an efficient hair removal process. The unique formula, which contains titanium dioxide, also reduces skin redness and is gentle on the skin so it’s less painful.


Nude Beautique offers a comprehensive array of waxing services that will leave you feeling smooth and sexy from head to toe. A few common areas?

Back & Shoulders: Wax your shoulders, lower back, shoulder blades, or entire back

Chest & Stomach: Clean up your chest, stomach, shoulders — or all of the above

Underams: You don’t know what you’re missing until you feel the difference of smooth underarms. This treatment is especially popular with athletes and outdoorsy types

Legs & Arms: While you’re at it, reveal silky-smooth skin from your fingers to your toes

Manzilian: A Brazilian waxing specialist, Nude Beautique is one of the only salons in Hong Kong to provide Manzilian services for men.

Manscaping: If you can’t commit to a full Manzilian, we also provide Man Scaping to trim and tidy down under


While waxing can remove larger areas of hair at a time, it is a temporary hair removal treatment and hair will typically grow back sometime between two and eight weeks. With consistent waxing treatment, hair regrowth will slow, soften and become less plentiful over time.

Meanwhile, laser hair removal (LHR) offer a longer lasting hair removal solutions on targeted areas. LHR uses a certain wavelength of light to remove hair — it’s so effective that the average client will see between 75% and 100% hair reduction after just 5 LHR sessions, according to a study done by Syneron Medical, a leading aesthetic medical developer.

At Nude, we believe in offering only the most cutting-edge and effective treatments to our clients, which is why we use the most advanced LHR equipment on the market, including the Candela GentleLase, Syneron e-Max ELOSTM and Lumenis Lightsheer. If you’d like to learn more, the experts at Nude Beautique are pleased to offer a complimentary consultation to discuss whether waxing or LHR is best for you.


Why should I wax instead of shave?

It’s pretty straight-forward: the more you shave, the coarser and thicker your hair becomes. But waxing has the reverse effect, causing hair to become thinner and softer over time. The longer you wax, the less you have to worry about unwanted hair. So you’re actually doing yourself a favor!

Would it be very painful?

Most clients visit Nude Beautique every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on their rate of hair re-growth. As long as the hair is about 1/4-inch long, or you can pinch it with your fingertips, you can come in for a wax. To get the most out of the wax, though, try to avoid shaving at least one week ahead of the waxing session.

How does it work?

Waxing usually takes two forms: strip waxing, which uses paper strips, and hard waxing.

Strip waxing is generally used on large areas such as the legs, back and shoulders — essentially, the therapist will smooth on a layer of wax and cover it with a strip of paper. After being pressed onto the skin, the technician quickly removes the strip along with the hair.

Hard waxing, on the other hand, is usually reserved for sensitive areas, like underarms and Brazilian area. In this case, the technician will apply the thick wax, allow it to cool and harden, then remove it in one quick motion.

How long will it take?

Most waxing processes take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the area being treated. For example, a Boyzilian wax may take 30-45 minutes; full back, 30 mins; full chest and stomach, 30 minutes.

Do you have male therapists?

At this time, Nude employs only female therapists, however they are experienced in male waxing treatments and conduct themselves in a highly professional manner.

Is it going to hurt?

If we’re being completely honest here, we can’t promise a completely pain-free wax. But we get pretty close! There will certainly be some level of discomfort during waxing but the intensity depends on a few factors: your personal pain tolerance, the body part being waxed, hair thickness and texture, the therapist’s expertise, and the quality of the wax.

If you have sensitive skin, we would advise coming in as regularly as possible, about once a month. Consistent sessions will make hair easier to remove and softer over time, and thus less painful. You may also want to avoid alcohol 24 hours before a treatment, as it increases blood flow and sensitivity in the skin.

Nude Beautique takes pride in its unique and innovative wax formula, which was created especially for the salon. Our expert technicians will ensure effective, efficient treatments with minimal discomfort.